Business English Online

This Business English Online course is aimed at professional adult learners. Seeking to realise their full potential as speakers of English at work – both in and out of the office – and in social settings.  Business English learners now face a challenging, fast-paced, technologically-advanced workplace and the process of language acquisition in this course has been adapted to match this.

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Business English Online course

This is a practical Business English Online course in how to do business in English. We use the Communicative Method of instruction. Learners need more than just phrase lists and useful language boxes to operate effectively in real-life business situations. This course provides a substantial amount of guided work to give participants the chance to fully assimilate the target language and ‘make it their own’. Before going on to tackle fluency activities. Attention will be paid to the four main skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening). But adjusted according the specific participant requirements identified in the pre-course Needs Analysis.

Target group

Directors, managers, sales people, buyers/purchasers, administrators, anyone who needs to use English in a professional setting, including people who have yet to enter the workforce and who intend to work in an international arena. (CEFR: B2/C1)


By the end of this Business English Online course participants will have expanded their vocabulary and business lexis. As well as honing their grammar. Effective communication, pronunciation and fluency will have been considered during the many opportunities for discussion.  Participants will have developed their English production in business-related scenarios. Such as email writing, telephone roleplays, problem solving and so on.

Duration (16 weeks)

I. Standard Course takes 24 hours

  • Needs analysis (conducted before the course) is 1 hour
  • Group session – 60-mins weekly (16 sessions) is 16 hours
  • One-to-one with trainer is 3 hours
  • Phone tasks with trainer (including written feedback) is 2x 1 hour
  • Email tasks with trainer (including written feedback) is 2x 1 hour

II. Platinum Course takes 40 hours

  • Needs analysis (conducted before the course) is 1 hour
  • Group session – 90-mins weekly (16 sessions) is 24 hours
  • One-to-one with trainer is 7 hours
  • Phone tasks with trainer (including written feedback) is 4x 2 hours
  • Email tasks with trainer (including written feedback) is 4x 2 hours

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