Effective Leadership (English)

In an increasingly competitive business environment it is important for managers to be skilled as leaders. To take the responsibility of driving their teams and organisation towards better performance, organisational effectiveness and competitive advantage. It’s more than ever important to distinguish leadership from and management and why leadership is so important to a team. The learning outcomes of this course is important to effective leadership and team performance within organisations. Are you ready for this course Effective Leadership (English)?

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The people who will take advantage of this course are leaders, managers and teams. Leaders in strategic roles who will like to improve their leadership, management and team building skills and achieve more organisational goals and objectives. Managers who like to learn more about the theoretical background of this subject and apply this to improving their managerial and leadership skills. Teams can also take advantage of this course. Who like to improve their working together and achieve a more effective team performance. You will learn the most in a short period in a form of a tailor made interactive training. It is possible to receive a online certificate after attending this course and show proof of an attendance.

Effective Leadership (English) Course

To learn the most in a short period in a form of a tailor made interactive workshop style, the course is to be booked as three days in a row. You will receive a certificate after attending this course and show proof of attendance.


Upon completion of this course Effective Leadership (English), all participants will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between leadership and management and why leadership is important to a team.
  • Describe a range of different leadership styles and the likely effect leadership styles have on a team’s performance.
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective team, the advantages of and possible barriers to effectively working in a team.
  • Outline the role, responsibilities and authority of the team leader and explain how to improve own personal performance.
  • Application of effective motivation and engagement styles within organisations.

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