Participating in meetings is one of the business world’s most universal rituals these days. Managing a meeting well and steering it away from the many pitfalls is not always easy, but trying to do this in English can be particularly challenging, especially if there are different cultures and/or expectations at play. The ability to achieve a focussed and efficient meeting, with clear outcomes and direction usually takes not only practice but also training. For this level of participant, meetings are less about adding constructive remarks here and there and more about taking the initiative and influencing the outcome. This Effective Online Meetings (English) course can be good choice for you.

Target group

Executives, company directors, managers, anyone who needs to lead or participate in meetings in English, including people who have yet to enter the workforce and who intend to work in an international arena. (CEFR: B2/C1)

Effective Online Meetings (English) Course

This short workshop Effective Online Meetings (English) provides language and practice in participating in and chairing meetings.  It will include looking at disagreement strategies, and how to link and contrast ideas in English, as well as useful vocabulary and phrases related to meetings in general.

Participants will look at causes of communication breakdown and reasons why meetings might not go according to plan.  They will discuss features of meetings and focus on common problems encountered, and look at some radical and perhaps surprising solutions. 

Duration 3 hours

  • One-to-one with the course tutor (including needs analysis), 1 hour
  • TWO HOURS: 1 session (online)


Den Haag, Deventer, Eindhoven en Groningen.