Business English is a dynamic world where learned styles can quickly become outdated: increasingly an approach of ‘less is more’ is key.  Presenting statistics, trends and financial outcomes and describing visuals succinctly and accurately in English can be challenging at the best of times, but is a vital skill for many people in business. Furthermore, HOW these points are presented can be just as important as the content. How is it that some speakers can have you listening to their every word?!  This short course is very practical (learning by doing), with plenty of hands-on opportunity to practise. 

Target group

Executives, directors, managers, salespeople, area managers, buyers/purchasing managers, anyone who has to talk about trends, statistics and visuals in English, including people who have yet to enter the workforce and intend to work in an international arena. (CEFR: B2/C1)

Effective Presentation of Statistics (English) Course

This course will include commenting on statistics, survival techniques (how to get past blocks if you do not know or cannot remember a word or phrase), talking about trends and developments, and describing and commenting on visuals.  Participants start by doing a quiz to test their communicative awareness, and learn about the power of the voice and visuals in delivering a message.  They hear a number of presenters speaking with varying degrees of confidence and work on the use of pause and stress to improve delivery.  They analyse and practise delivery techniques, and conclude with participants giving short work-related presentations.

In addition to the above, a needs analysis will be conducted before the course in order to make the programme as relevant as possible to the participants’ requirements. 


By the end of this workshop, participants will have useful language, skills and experience to be able to present and describe trends, statistics and visuals in English.  They will have listened to and analysed a variety of presentations, and had the opportunity to practise, reflect and develop their own performance.

Duration (6 hours)

  • One-to-one with the course tutor (including needs analysis), 1 hour
  • FIVE HOURS: 2 sessions, each of 2,5 hours (online)


Den Haag, Deventer, Eindhoven en Groningen.