This projectmanagement (English) course aims to support participants to start developing their skills and knowledge to be able to manage a project. Participants will explore the purposes, aims and objectives and potential issues in running a project in a local, regional, national or international context. Participants will then investigate the processes for reporting and evaluating project outcomes and the requirements for a successful project plan. During the course you have the possibility bring in your own projectmanagement plan of your own project. The trainer will review and discuss this plan with you. IPro Training NL offers coaching to support you with the development of your projectmanagement skills.


  • Writing a project management document
  • How to make a planning
  • How to use project phases
  • Working within time and budget frames
  • Communication
  • Training of ‘soft skills’ of leadership
  • Introduction MS projects and other project management tools
  • Working in teams
  • Projects and organizations


The people who will take advantage of this Projectmanagement (English) course can be beginner project leaders. But also project team members who already work on projects. Who like to improve their working together and achieve more effective project outcomes or deliverables. It can also be managers who like to learn more about the theoretical background of this subject and apply this to improving their project management and leadershipskills.

Learning outcomes (LO) 

  • Definition and types of project; defining project, background research, evaluation criteria.
  • Internal and extern al stakeholder needs and expectations; the project management team; legal issues; risk assessment identifying problems; planning
  • Recording and monitoring, review and evaluation: methods of reporting: conclusions and recommendations.
  • Project brief; objectives; scope; budget; deliverables; final deadline; key milestones/targets; activity planning; task allocation.
  • Explain the purpose, aims and objectives of a project.
  • Identify potential issues in running a project,
  • Outline processes for reporting and evaluating project outcomes.
  • Prepare a proforma project plan.


Den Haag, Deventer, Eindhoven en Groningen.